Rain, Rain water, Green River Snowmelt and Water From Your UPCG Garden Hose

Water everywhere and seemingly everyday, this spring, and yet, come July and August, plants will wilt and die in hours if not properly watered, mulched and rooted in porous soil. How can this be? How do we strike a balance and do we really have to plan for 3 – 4 months ahead. Soil building is a constant effort. Mulch can keep excess water out or slow it down and also hold in water when dry winds and heat cause rapid evaporation. It works both ways. Using compost that we generate as a mulch or amendment into the soil will improve porosity, water holding ability, soil nutrtion with slow release to the plants supporting soil structure. We have two square compost sieves. Grab a handful of compost and compare it with the tagro potting soil. While both are biolgically active – meaning there is bacteria and other soil organisms the compost is uniquely alive. Remember to separate GREENS from BROWNS. Cut up pieces to 6″ if you can.  It will make composting easier. Avoid adding blackberry canes they pierce even the gloved hand. Avoid adding crab grass with those long white rhizone type roots. Weeds with obvious seeds are a no no, but everything else is nitrogen or carbon and belongs in our composting operation. YOU CAN ALSO COMPOST IN PLACE adding finely chopped up garden waste back into your bed directly. TRY IT.

Now back to our garden tap water source. The Green River Watershed on the western side of the Cascades south of Snolqualmie is shared with several cities. Tacoma Water website has a great read for this resource for all seasons: https://www.mytpu.org/tacomawater/water-source/green-river-watershed/ and management plan: https://www.mytpu.org/file_viewer.aspx?id=764

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