Composting Project

Aged compost is active – help yourself

Bacteria, good nematodes, beetles, earthworms and fungus are part of the nutrient 

web of life.

Sieve to get just the fine compost

But I don’t like the wood chips and other large pieces of material. 

Use the sieve over  the wheel barrow or  hold over the garden and gently shake or let it “rain” down on starts.

Top dressing or mix in the soil
The compost smells great and will complement your tagro putting soil.
Effectively manage the compost site linking soil building of nutrients in our beds to our recycled garden waste (read: “browns” and “greens”).
Help make compost by depositing cut up 6 inch size or less materials
Visit our worm bin/wooden box at the north end of the compost bins, bring shredded newspaper/office paper finely shredded for bedding and kitchen waste.
make a regular practice of adding compost to your bed. Finely crushed egg shells can be directly to your soil.

More on composting, soil that is part of a wet land and links to noxious weed info

Bee on Butterfly Bush

Because of our rocky soil, amending your beds with organic amendments is a necessity.

We are currently enhancing our composting program with hot composting and a worm bin or vermiculture Top dressing with mulch adds biomass or a layer of life to your soil

For more info on wetlands see: For more info on noxious weeds see:

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