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Beds for the 2023 growing season are filling up! Are you a new interested in applying and new? This is a first come first serve community. We can add you to the waitlist if no beds are available. Questions:

Beds are $60 for 4′ x 12′ and $150 for a 12′ x 12′ (limited number available).

The cost of a garden space includes organic soil, compost, mulch, water, master gardener consultations, shared tools, flowers and herb gardens plus the opportunity to give back to our community through donation to local food banks. Fixed costs of insurance, water, website and PO Box all require member support. 

Financial Aid Application

New Member Application- Please email Membership@

Frequently Asked Questions

How to I rent a garden plot? Complete an application by emailing

How much are the plots? Beds are $60 for 4×12′ and $150 for a limited number of 12×12′.  A 4×12′ accessible bed is also $60. 

What responsibilities do I have as a plot renter? General upkeep, planting and maintenance of weed free paths. The rules and regulations 2-pager are included in the 1-page application.  They spell out the gardener responsibilities. Once you have been assigned a bed you will receive a Welcome Letter with more details. Work parties, harvest mornings, season start up and winter maintenance keep members in community. 

Do you use organic gardening methods? Gardeners can supply their own organic soil otherwise UPCG receives free tagro soil and compost for its beds. No pesticides. We compost our greens and browns. Talk with our Master Gardener Mentor for details on soil selection. 

Can I plant anything I want? You will see a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits and flowers in the garden. Rotating crops reduces diseases and pests. The communal corn patch allows for planting of vining and spreading crops such as pumpkins, squash and pole beans. Members have used trellising to increase planting space. 

Can I sell the produce I produce? No. UPCG is not for profit. There are many options for donating food. 

Can I donate extra produce? Yes. PleaseOur designated food bank beds are supported with member harvested items from their individual beds as well as the corn / pumpkin patch and food bank beds.