Saving Seeds – Tomato Seeds

Nothing like a garden side conversation.  A member asked me about saving tomato seeds from a tall vine of cherry tomatoes standing at the north end of her bed. Do you have an heirloom or special tomato you found particularily tasty? Can you save the seeds? YES! I found a site that gives a step-by-step (for large scale) harvesting of seeds, but can be modified for the single prized beauty.  Reading down the comments were some seed savers from Australia that take the tack of “keeping it simple” by smashing on paper towel and letting it dry – here is the excerpt. “…we just squeeze a tomato on a paper towel, spread sticky jelly with seeds inside evenly, write name of variety on paper, date, hang the towel in the shade till bone dry. Store in small jar. Label jar. When planting time comes, cut a portion of paper with stored seeds. That’s our short version…”   Storage for tomato seeds – is COOL, DARK and DRY place. NO freezing. 

I used a kitchen strainer for one cherry tomato – see photo. 

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